Resin initial keyring - Coffee beans - Don't take it personal

Resin initial keyring - Coffee beans

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Handmade resin initial keyring, finished in clear resin cast with coffee beans.

These are handmade resin initials made using non-toxic, safe epoxy resin. These are made with clear resin and cast with coffee beans inside - great for every coffee lover. Available as any letter or number

Each one is individually cast and hand finished for a fully unique product - no 2 keyrings are the same! Colours may vary slightly as each mix of colour is unique. The letter measurements are approximately W4cm x H4cm x D1cm, this will vary on the letter you choose.

As well as clear, you can choose any colour to suit - just get in touch with your choice of colour.

Please note air bubbles can form within the products, this is very common and does not affect the overall keyring. Extra care is taken to ensure there are as little bubbles as possible.

As stated above no two key rings are exactly the same, so your order may very slightly from the images above.

Each keyring is made to order so it can take up to 72 hours to dispatch as each one takes 48 hours to fully set. Discounts available for more than one - just select qty in the drop down.

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